The about half of the quick connectors had their water resistant gaskets missing, I looked in the box didn’t find them. I had to use electrical tape after screwing them down ,, to cover the junction. the lens caps came loosely screwed on and there where threads visible (possible water intrusion if left like that) so I tighten them down.
My biggest issue is the Color for WHITE. its not a Daylight, Cool or even a warm white. its more like a purple-ish hue and Its truly disappointing. but its due to the RGB mix. there isn’t a stand alone white LED.
also there are not enough 4 pin extensions to add more flexibility in installing so you MUST PLAN out carefully. They are bright enough for accent lighting and covers up to my second story, and the metal casings and spikes are robust, made to last. the RGB functions is where this set earns its mettler. the colors and modes are very good ( you can change the lights from strobe, to smooth fade and statics colors) and you can also change the timing of the changes .CONS-NO true white so have that in mind( Purplish/blue hue) some Missing Parts, No extra extensions limiting install options.
Limited remote range. PROS Good Quality Wiring and casings, stakes . good brightness ,excellent RGB options and colors, easy to install. would be a better value closer to the $110 range and would be great if it included a photocell. I already have a timer/photocell from other lights. But I would have gave it 4 stars if it had a better WHITE color. hopefully they will last harsh winters. will update