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Thailand LED Streetlight Upgrade Project by PEA to be Completed in 2018

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) of Thailand aims to complete upgrading high sodium pressure streetlights in the country to more energy efficient LEDs within four years, said Director Niwat Chayakul, the organization's Director of Power System and Research Development Department  told LEDinside at EcoLight Asia 2014, which took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ongoing 1 million streetlight upgrade projects rolled out by the agency across provinces is part of a three phase project aimed to replace nearly 4 million streetlights with LEDs in the country. “We have replaced 450,000 streetlights so far”, said Chayakul. In the second phase three million streetlights in highways and smaller streets are expected to be replaced with LEDs, while in the third phase high mast and railway lightings.

Niwat Chayakul, Director of Power System and Research Development Department of PEA.

The LED streetlight upgrade is expected to help the country save 70% in energy consumption, which is in-line with Thailand’s energy policies of reducing carbon emissions by 20% by 2030.

LED manufacturers that successfully acquire PEA streetlight bids are paid back in energy savings, said Chayakul. In other words, successful project bidders are expected to run the project under Energy Service Company (ESCO) models.

It can be difficult for foreign LED manufacturers to enter the streetlight market, though. “Depending on the budget, usually priority is given to local manufacturers, if there are no suitable companies, then open to foreign companies,” said Chayakul. LED manufacturers streetlight products are also expected to meet highway lighting standards, he added.

“Foreign company products need to pass Thai lighting standards (TIS), which is required to be tested in government certified test labs,” said Vincent Chang, Managing Director of Glaring International. The Taiwanese LED manufacturer has been in the Thai LED lighting market is six years.

PEA is also involved in LED research and development is currently directing its research towards developing LEDs that emit less heat and offer better color performance.

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