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Who we are

BRILLIGHT™ is a company that manufactures Brilliant & Bright LED lights in China, we are in the business of developing and marketing energy efficient LED Lights and related products branded Brillight. Founded in 2009, we started to serve our clients from sourcing LED products and components to assembling LED lights directly supplying to our clients, today we are fully capable in assembling most LED lighting products that commonly applied in residential and commercial lighting applications.


LED Lighting products from Brillight are of mostly innovated technology solutions, due to efficiency heatsink and energy saving design. An innovative drive and orientation towards quality gives Brillight a solid basis for the future. We are using our innovative driving force in a manor which promotes environmentally safe products. We believe environmentally clean production processes, avoidance of waste and clean recycling concept are more important than ever.


Brillight specializes in developing innovative new LED lighting solutions, we constantly testing different components to optimize our LED light's lighting performance, keeping up with the technology development.
By contracting out the production to manufacturing partners, the company can focus on products R&D, marketing and customer service. Brillight dedicates in providing quality products with lifetime customer support. There are many satisfactory customers arround the world keep doing business with Brillight, thousand of lights are installed all arround the world.


Brillight conducts business in a professional concept, all products come alone with full technical specification, including test report, IES 3D file, etc.  We try to perfect all products artwork and pack with manual instruction.

Production under goes with strict quality control, all shipment out of factory are defect-free, make sure no defective product is dispatched. We will follow up all orders to make sure our products are properly installed and maintenanced.

We want to work closely with you to understand and solve the challenges you face today and those that may come tomorrow in lighting business, stay with Brillight.

Contact us

Brillight Lighting
Address: 4th Floor, No.189, Third Industry Technology Zone, Gu Su District,
Bao An, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, PR China
Tel: 0086-755-29615813
Fax: 0086-755-29952205
Email: info@brillight.com